China Our Exhibition manufacturers - JH Glassware
China Our Exhibition manufacturers - JH Glassware
JH Glassware China Our Exhibition manufacturers - JH Glassware,more than USD800,000 investment for new products each yearWith nearly 15 years of Canton Fair  experience,  Jinghuang signs contracts  with hundreds of customers every year, with a transaction amount of approximately US$3 million per fair.From 2005 to 2019, we have participated in the Canton Fair twice a year. The hot-sale products of  high-end home fruit plate and vase series, Catering Glassware, Kitcheware are displayed on our main booth of Zone8.1. Besides, The processed products from our own factory, including gold-plated water utensils, ion-plated vases,colored drinking set, decal teacup and saucer set, decal coffee cup set , are displayed  Our main customers are from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Sudan, and Libya ,etc.   Customers praise our company for providing high-quality and innovative glass products, and the customer return rate is as high as 78%.In addition, our company participates in foreign exhibitions, such as the Chicago exhibition in 2017, and the Brazil exhibition in 2016. We developed several large-scale brand wholesalers during these exhibition.The cooperation with them continues to the present, and sales rise from 300,000 US dollars per year to 3 million US dollars per year.
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